Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shift Happens

Looking at the web today:

this wonderful collection of insights and facts that is viral by nature. I don't know the original author, but I found it at Chris Knudsen's blog.

* If you are one in a million in China, there are 1,300 people just like you
* The smartest top 25% of people in China represent a population greater than all of North America
* China will soon have more English speakers in its population than any other country in the world
* In the next eight minutes, 60 babies will be born in America. 351 will be born in India
* By the age of 38 you will have had between 10 and 14 jobs
* 1 in 4 Americans are working in the first year of their current job
* The U.S. ranks 20th in the world for broadband penetration.
* In 2002Â Nintendo invested more in R&D than the federal government (excludes military R&D)
* 1 in 8 married U.S. couples met online
* There are 2.7 billion searches on Google each month. Where were these questions addressed to before Google?
* There are more than 6 billion sms messages sent everyday
* There are 540,000 words in the English language -- five times more than there were in 1800
* 3,000 books are published daily
* More knowledge exists in one week of the New York Times than a person was able to access in their entire lifetime in the 1800’s
* 1.5 exabytes of information will be created this year -- that’s more than was created in the previous 5,000 years
* What a college freshman learns this year will be outdated by his junior year of college
* Fiber optics capacity is tripling every six months
* The $100 laptop project will ship 50 to 100 million laptops per year to people in underdeveloped countries. There were 47 million laptops shipped world wide last year
* By 2023 a $1000 computer will exceed the capacity of the human brain
* By 2047 a $1000 computer will exceed the capacity of the human race

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