Monday, November 16, 2009

Video of Obama Meeting with Chinese Youth in Town Hall Style Gathering

这在美国总统和中国人之间的第一个市政厅会议,被带来以一个活格式和通过问题被提供在互联网。 您能观看网上录影这里,但是您大概是,如果您讲中文。 由于it' 在中国网的s。

So, it starts out with an intro from the Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman in Mandarin and in English.

Unfortunately, I think President Barack Obama mixed up the greeting. He said, "No Ho." I think he meant to say "Nin Hao." The Chinese were too polite, or mindful of their international exposure, to correct him. So they applauded generously.

Here is the first Chinese town hall meeting format by a United States president in China.

President Barack Obama receives town hall questions and online questions from Chinese netizens.

"No global challenge can be solved without the Chinese and the United States cooperating." -- United States Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman

Trade between United States and China: US$400 billion per year.

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