Monday, February 1, 2010

Robert Scoble Giving Away His Kindle

This made me think up a pretty cool new idea. Robert Scoble asks for a great idea, and he will award the greatest idea his Kindle, which he is giving away.

My great idea is to pass it on down. I would take the Kindle, buy a book for it, give it to someone else, and he would buy a new book for it and so on, down the line. When the Kindle is filled with new books, we would gift the Kindle to a third world school or a school in the US in need of books.

We could do this with tons of Kindles. It would be the new kind of donation scheme. Set up Kindles all over the country and just donate books for it. Who would buy all the Kindles? Can't we get the good folks at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to do it?

I'm looking into it, and I will get back to you.

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