Friday, November 14, 2008

Entrepreneurs, Create the Future of Education

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you value conversations, ideas, and you understand and appreciate the value of risk.

I'm not talking petal to the metal risk. I'm talking about risk that refines your business and takes your ideas into a direction that few people travel.

Are you an education innovator who is out to disrupt traditional education services? Are you online savvy? Do you want to answer the call to action that students are giving you by offering them and their schools a service that addresses real need in the market?

Do you think you have a school idea that would work well in the for-profit K12 and Post Secondary industry?

Sign up to participate in the 11th Annual Education Industry Investment Forum and apply to be on of the Five Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2009.

Are you a John Katzman, founder of 2Tor?

Does your business plan's vision of the future resemble the innovative energy and forward thinking of a Jordan Goldman, founder of

Do you look at publishing like Jeff Shelstad at Flat World Knowledge?

If so, and even if you are wildly different than these individuals, you have an opportunity to join them at the 2nd Annual FuturED Symposium, a showcase and platform for the latest developments in the education industry.

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix in March.

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