Friday, February 20, 2009

Jordan Goldman, Founder, Unigo

Jordan Goldman will be speaking at the 11th Annual Education Industry Investment Forum in Phoenix, Arizona on March 11.

His company, Unigo, the free site for student-created school reviews, is also written about at The Wall Street Journal.

Goldman will sit in conversation with John Katzman, founder of Princeton Review anjavascript:void(0)d new venture 2Tor, to discuss the future of social networking as a marketing tool and its impact on the publishing industry. You can read more about the event at at our homepage. Make sure to check out the list of over 80 speakers!

But back to Goldman, who I hope to catch for five minutes at the conference to video interview...

Walt Mossberg writes:

I've been testing Unigo, and I like it. In the sampling of college profiles I read, the site seems to have struck a good balance between the immediacy and candor of student submissions, and the professionalism needed to weed out wildly biased or inaccurate claims.

The site, founded by a 26-year-old who formerly created printed college guides, says it employs 19 full-time editors. This team uses information from a nationwide network of 300 representatives on campuses to create each college's profile. Each representative rounds up contributions from others on campus, so that the site claims that over 15,000 students contributed to the profiles of the first 250 colleges.

I was a little unimpressed with the review. It didn't tell me anything new about the site, which I've already visited several times, even signing up during the beta testing.

The rest of Mossberg's article is just a "the good and the bad" piece and what he thinks about the site's potential. And even there, I'm left wondering. To me this seems like one of the more significant developments in online publishing, marrying a peer review model with a YouTube-like social networking function. The impact this would have internally at colleges and universities should be significant. I know that my alma mater,Wake Forest University didn't k now about it, and they had tried to launch their own version of this idea.

Does anyone in our audience use this site or have they checked it out? I'd like to know a bit more about your experience with Unigo, so please feel free to leave comments.

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