Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Green Dot Schools

As part of our effort to build bridges between non-profit excellence and for-profit projects in the education industry, we will be joined this year by three leaders in education start-ups in the non-profit sector, who will join a discussion that talks about how for-profits and non-profits can learn techniques from each other enhance each other's visions and execution.

Marco Petruzzi and Steve Barr from Green Dot will be joined at the forum this year by founder of Curriki, Barbara Kurshan, who I shared dinner with in DC last night.

There are many other interesting people coming on board each day. I will be listing them in the next few days, as I fly to Los Angeles.

Stay Tuned this week for:

Video interview I had with K12 CEO Ron Packard yesterday in their offices in Herndon, Virginia. A very interesting man, who had some great ideas about the next generation of online learning tools and assisstive tech materials. Surprisingly, it was not the future of tech that was on Ron's mind, but the future of teacher training. You'll get this gist when I post the video in a couple of days.

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