Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toby Chu and CIBT Education: The Future is Overseas

Just before I left Vancouver last weekend, I met up with Toby Chu, CEO of CIBT Education. We discussed the group's recent investment in Sprott-Shaw Community Colleges, the differences between the Canadian for-profit industry and the United States for-profit leaders, as well as the future of investing in education.

Chu, who travels all over the world, especially to China, sees branding, marketing and delivering a "Western" model of education to overseas partners as a strong trend in the education industry in the next twenty years. He also sees a lot of students coming to Vancouver from overseas to take their course of study from Sprott-Shaw to take with them back home.

We have an interview with Dean Duperron, President of Sprott-Shaw, coming up later in the week.

Here's Chu with some points on foreign / overseas education:

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