Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ron Packard, CEO, K12, Inc.

I flew into Dulles Airport and can guarantee you that they have the nicest taxis.

My first stop in the Washington, DC Metro area was to see Ron Packard, CEO, K12, Inc. He is based in Herndon, Virginia.

We quickly got on the topic of the future. Ron sees a massive uptake of technology and the fits and starts that goes with that. Eventually the K12 side of education is going to iron out a teacher-centric add-value model for hybrid bricks and mortar / digital that will take -- hopefully -- American education into the global competitive marketplace.

Ron is a very smart guy. We talked about many things and if his take is a good indicator on how business operators are thinking about education there are three things on their minds: technology, teachers and ensuring American kids develop skills that make them valuable to the global economy.

Stay tuned for links to some ideas on the web about what is most valuable to students growing up in the global world.

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Unknown said...

Ron has nice thoughts about business. I need some instruction from Ron on K-12 education. We work also as black inventor in Africa.

DBCHongkong said...


Are you also aware of Dr. Charles Gardner at NorthCentral University, in Phoenix? He's going to be at our forum, as well, and he also has some views on the forum.

Can you email me? Are you aware of our Business Breakfast on January 20? Ron will be there, and you can meet him.

I tried to link to your blogger profile, but it is not available. How can I email you?

Here is the link to register for the Business Breakfast:


dcrets [at] iirusa [dot] com