Monday, January 4, 2010

Data Dump

Here's a little data dump for all of you. I like to do this from time to time on other blogs, but I have never done it on this one. People have been asking me where does site traffic come from, and what are some of the interesting search terms that bring people to the Education blog.

Geographic Interest

Traffic comes from 1,310 cities around the world. Here are the top twenty cities, and then some unusual cities or locations thrown in for fun

1. New York

2. Charlotte

3. Washington

4. Chicago

5. San Francisco

6. Los Angeles

7. (not set)-- This is probably several cities in China, Blogger is blocked in China, and people use proxies to get to the site, leaving it anonymous.

8. Delhi

9. Phoenix

10. Boston

11. London

12. Baltimore

13. Mumbai

14. Singapore

15. Toronto

16. Philadelphia

17. Arlington

18. Seattle

19. Brooklyn

20. Houston

And for the really interesting cities: Paris, Chennai, Hyderabad, Givatayim, Petaling Jaya, Vancouver, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, Zurich, and Karachi

Search Keywords

These are a list of the top 20 keywords that direct people to this site and then some odd ones that make me wonder what people think we do here. People in the entrepreneur space are hot on this blog.

It seems that people are coming to this site sometimes to learn not only about the education industry but about people who have started ventures, tried something new or different, and are looking to connect with people who have made an impact in some measurable way in education. Here's a sample:

1. daniel pianko

2. john katzman

3. venture capital for the education industry

4. education industry investment forum

5. education industry investment forum 2009

6. jordan goldman

7. jordan goldman unigo

8. shai reshef

9. knowledge investment partners

10. university of the people shai reshef

11. india has more honors kids than america has kids

12. eiif

13. howard block

14. education investment forum

15. tabula digita

16. eduvest

17. keith oelrich

18. inetoo

19. dan madzelan

20. arthur benjamin ati

And then the other remaining umpteen dozen thousands plus search terms that have led people to this blog give you a great sense of the zeitgeist in the global economy and the viewpoints of people in the education industry:

"how bad is the american economy right now?"

"philanthropy is the gateway to power"

"fastest growing continent"

"number of honors students in india"

"arne duncan"

"grand canyon university ipo"

"will we need teachers in the future?"

"what is barack obama's education agenda?"

"explain education as an investment"

"90:10 education obama"

"inspector general's warning to accreditor raises fear"

"three year cohort default rate"

Much more later. There's a whole series of stories to be written in these search terms. If you aggregate them according to time and date, you can pretty much track a pressure cooker economy blowing up and then settling into recession and perhaps, maybe, generating a recovery?

Stay tuned. I will blogging on here while I am in China.

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