Friday, August 21, 2009

The Road Trip for Education -- EIIF Hits the Road

Ten Cities. Thirty Days.

Next month, I am going to be flying all over the United States and to one city in Canada to meet the new leaders in for-profit educational services and learning in North America. This is my attempt to glorify and promote what has become one of the most successful strategy sessions for investors in for-profit education in K12 and post secondary schools and services.

Do you want to be included in this list? We have spots for five more interviews, and then we will have to close the door on new applicants.

Each of these interviews will be showcased on this blog, and also at other sites around the web, including Fast Company, where I manage a blog on entrepreneurship in Asia and abroad.

Here's the list of confirmed meetings, along with the cities (dates are not final, yet):

New York City

Stephen Tave, American Higher Education Development Corporation
Elliot Levine, Hewlett-Packard Education Services
Bernard West, Banyan Education Capital
Meg Mude, Entrepreneur


Dr. Darcy Tannehill, Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Andrew Howard, Brain Hurricane

Washington, DC

Doug Mesecar, Scholastic
Bobbi Kurshan, Curriki
June Herald, KinMix
Scott Fleming, Madison Education Group
Michael Ratti, Regent Education
Members of K12,Inc

San Francisco

Dennis Diligent, CPP, Inc.
John Grillos, WorldSage, Inc


Peter Stokes, Eduventures, Inc
George Kane, Pearson Education
Amit Shah, Green Comma


Toby Chu, CIBT Education
Dean Dupperon, Sprott-Shaw Community College

Los Angeles

Charles Paul, World Wise Education
Alex Kaplan, IBM Educational Services
Sabrina Kay, Fremont College
Rob Chandler, Fairmont Schools

Fort Lauderdale

John Hage and Carl Tsang, Charter Schools USA


Steve Cooper, Tech University of America
Dr. Clinton Gardner, NorthCentral University
Gene Hayes, Piccolo International University
Rob Crawford, Life Development Institute

And that's it...

So Far.

It looks like it's going to be a great month of learning, investing and spreading the word about the 12th Annual Education Industry Investment Forum in Phoenix, Arizona, March 1-3, 2010. Come join us!

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