Friday, August 14, 2009

Tabula Digita and The Rise of Edutainment

Some of you may remember Ntiedo Etuk from his appearance at the 2009 Education Industry Investment Forum, which we held this year in Phoenix, Arizona.

At the time, Ntiedo was pitching an exciting new-ish company, Tabula Digita and telling a great story about the need to mix enterainment, gaming and education to help students learn.

I've just learned that the company hit cash flow break even and is on track to hit revenue of $10 billion in 2010.

Tabula Digita is the sort of company that ought to be heavily funded and rapidly scaled so it can gain adoption in as many school districts, as fast as possible. For that, more venture capital would certainly help. Yet VCs are still skittish about education. "VCs do not understand the school system ... because the money is coming from a school district instead of a business," Etuk says.

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