Monday, October 27, 2008

Economic Recovery Initiatives Not Enough: Analysts

At the end of the day, the question being asked is, "How will this affect the investment climate for for-profit education in years to come."

Concerns are turning to worries, as financial market indicators plunged overnight in European and Asian markets, especially in the emerging markets class.

It looks like investors in Asia, Europe and perhaps the United States today will tell us that the bailout activity was either too little too late, or just generally too late.

We will be experiencing some tumultuous fallout financially in the next few years.

But IHT blog "Managing Globalization" thinks it is more likely that most investors are being 'myopic' and silly, sending stock prices down way beyond what they should be discounted for a recession.

With that in mind, is the world really coming to an end? If we are thinking ahead, would there not be some good deals for the education industry going forward?

What will this do to the investment climate for education? Please write in with your comments and we will post them here.

Be sure to also check out The Education Industry Investment Forum in Phoenix, Arizona slated for March 9-11, 2009

This conference will highlight analysis given by the leaders in Education investment and regulation, including:

Gene Hickok, senior policy advisor at Dutko Worldwide and former Deputy Secretary for Education

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