Friday, October 10, 2008

Will G7 Meeting Guarantee All Interbank Lending?

Rumors are swirling. During a financial panic that has wiped more than 1/3 off the market value of several international exchanges, the G7 is preparing to meet in the US to solve the pandemic.

Marc Chandler, analyst at Brown Brothers Harriman, said despite the grim outlook, the G7 still has some options to help calm the storm.

"We are hesitant to spread rumors, but there is increasing speculation that the G7 meeting could take another major step and that is to guarantee all interbank lending," he said.

"This talk is having a demonstrable impact on the interest rate markets. It is difficult to evaluate the likelihood, but it is important to note that officials generally recognize that current measures are not yet sufficient to turn the corner of the crisis."

G7 Gathering to Solve the Market Collapse

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