Sunday, October 26, 2008

Students Worry about the Price of University Education

Students at 69 schools wrote over 1500 letters to the next US President. Only 164 were about education.

Those 164 letters can be read at the Letters to the President website, sponsored by Google and The Writing Project.

Here's a sample letter:

Let's talk about education. You want us to get the best one possible, right? Well, with the way things are going, that's not going to happen for many of us. College is getting more expensive every year. The price of college has skyrocketed 439% since 1982. The average student has $21,500 in college debts according to Is the level of education going up as much as the price? What can we do to change this? Should we have more financial aide programs or have more scholarships available to all students? Should we set up additional benefits to encourage students to attend college? How can you make every child in America attend school until the age of seventeen, but then not give them aide to ensure that they will be able to keep attending school if they want to further their education? I believe that to help our economy, our society should be more highly educated than we are today. More people should be able to get their college degree. One reason I believe this is that our economy is as majorly labor-based as it is logic-based. Many of the labor jobs in factories have moved overseas to countries like China because the price of production is cheaper there.

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