Sunday, September 7, 2008

Capella University Sees Revenue and Student Enrollment Rise

Capella CEO Steve Shank

The rise of internet use in America from the late 90s to the present day has meant more people are using the Internet for learning. The trend is set to continue. It has meant great things for Steven Shank, CEO of Capella Education, which runs Capella University, an online degree institution.

Minneapolis-based Capella University, which operates under its parent company, Capella Education Co., continues to see its enrollment increase -- along with its revenue and operating earnings. Capella, which focuses primarily on adult students seeking advanced degrees, has seen its enrollment and revenue grow by 20 to 25 percent per year in recent years.

But online growth in China, Vietnam, Singapore, India and many other countries in Asia outpaces American growth and there are also many more people who could potentially use Internet products and services in the Eastern Hemisphere.

As a thought exercise, would it be useful to think what online universities in the United States could be doing to expand their operations in partnerships with governments and commercial institutions in Asia?

The online growth is staggering there, as more fiber to the home and last-mile digital connections pair up consumers with not only Internet access, but multitudes of digital cable and interactive cable offerings.

For now Capella is concentrating on offering the staff of Fortune 500 companies classes through incentive structures at their companies. This is a brilliant move, because in an economic downturn most people will not want to leave their job, but they would be willing to pay more to educate themselves and boost their chances for promotions.

Story about Capella University, courtesy of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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bHey great post, I am so happy to here that other countries are going to have the opportunity to learn a world class universities.