Friday, September 19, 2008

Five Questions with John Katzman

John Katzman, CEO, 2Tor

New Speaker for Education Industry Investment Forum

EIIF is proud to announce that
John Katzman, the iconic founder of Princeton Review and the entrepreneurial energy behind the new, will be speaking at the forum in March.

We ask him five questions about the industry:

EIIF: What act of strategic investment in the education industry by any player in the past five years do you admire the most, and what was its outcome?

John Katzman: Denver Public Schools investment in teacher comp reform. So far, so good—most teachers like it, and performance is up; I think this will prove a useful way-station.

EIIF: What industry genre will have the most influence in the future of education over the next five years?

JK: For-profit and hybrid colleges.

EIIF: If you could name any industry within education that requires the most change, what industry is it and what changes do you think it needs?

JK: Student finance. More transparency and simplicity.

EIIF: What inspirational idea outside of education has had a dominant effect on how you do business?

JK: Apple, which proves that product matters.

EIIF: For an education company or for profit school that is looking to grow, what is the one thing they need to be prepared to do before meeting investors or before launching their product or service into the marketplace?

JK: Explain how they will achieve both financial and educational excellence.

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