Sunday, September 7, 2008

Privatization Threat or Opportunity in the UK?

A interest group shot across the bow to universities in Britain:

Universities UK (UUK), the umbrella group for vice-chancellors, today urged universities in this country and across western Europe to be aware of the increased competition they face from the private sector.

In its report - Private universities and public funding: models and business plans - UUK warns that American companies which run for-profit companies, such as Kaplan Inc or Apollo, are looking to develop their businesses in the UK and in western Europe. In some cases these firms buy state colleges, in others they work with them."

I don't claim to be expert on the interaction between private commercial interests and private or public universities, so if anyone has anything to add to this, please leave a comment.

The link to the original story is to be found on the Guardian Newspaper site.

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