Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plurk and Brightkite

Two new web and mobile applications that will expand your professional and social networking horizons...

Plurktakes the Twitter example and puts it on a graphic time line, but allows your friends and acquaintances to react to your "plurks." The idea is visually stimulating and it is very easy to meet new people using the technology.

If you are familiar with Mini Hovels, which are sponsored at Korean web company CyWorld, then you will get this. You can design your own Plurk page and look great doing it!

Brightkite is an invite only mashup of mobile phone images, GPS location beacons and Google maps, among many other things. The application will keep track of where you are, show you on a map, and even offer a 360 Google Street View of where you are.

You can also do what you do on Twitter, typing in updates as they happen.

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